EXHIBITION OFFICE OPENING AND SETUP DETAILS The exhibition office will open, and setup for the exhibition will commence on Friday, September 29th, starting at 10:30 AM.

EVENT LOCATION AND OPENING HOURS Aino Areena, Maamiehenkatu 14, 04400 Järvenpää. Setup on Friday, September 29th, at 10:30 AM.

Exhibitors can begin bringing vehicles and setting up booths on Friday starting at 10:30 AM. All vehicles must be inside the exhibition by 8:00 PM, and booths must be ready by 9:00 PM on Friday.


The exhibitor provides their vehicle for display at the exhibition. The organizer reserves the right to accept, allocate standby space, or reject the registration. Registration is binding once the exhibition organizer has sent a written confirmation to the registered vehicle owner. Participation is free of charge. If the exhibitor is unable to participate in the event, the space must be canceled in writing, for example, via email. If the exhibition organizer incurs any costs related to the exhibitor's participation, the exhibitor will be responsible for reimbursing these costs.


Exhibitors can bring their vehicles to the site on Friday, September 29th, between 10:30 AM and 8:00 PM. Vehicles must be inside the exhibition and in their designated spot by 9:00 PM on Friday. Vehicles can be started and removed from the booth area on Sunday once the exhibition is officially concluded. Vehicles should not be started during the event or while the exhibition is ongoing. Vehicles should be removed from the exhibition area immediately upon the start of teardown, starting at 4:00 PM. An exception is made for international exhibitors who may leave the exhibition on Sunday by agreement, no later than 3:00 PM. Vehicles in the booth should have minimal fuel, main power off, or battery disconnected throughout the event. If necessary, place absorbent mats under the vehicle to catch potential leaks. Remove the key from the ignition and keep it secure.


If your vehicle requires electricity, it must be ordered well in advance. The organizer covers the cost of electricity on behalf of participants. Electricity is intended for special lighting on the vehicle, screens, or other electrical devices needed for the booth's decoration. Please do not order electricity unnecessarily, as each electrical connection incurs a cost for the organizer. The organizer is not liable for any damage caused by power outages or for any defects in electrical products brought by exhibitors.


Trailers, heavy equipment, or a potential second vehicle should be transported to designated areas for storage during the event. The organizer is not responsible for the safety of trailers or other vehicles during storage. Trailers should be locked during storage. Trailers should not be brought to the event site until the event is officially concluded.


The exhibition site has a car wash area where vehicle owners can wash their vehicles in order of arrival. Wash your vehicle quickly and move to a separate area for drying. You can expedite the process by performing basic cleaning of your vehicle at home. Please ensure that the wash area remains tidy after use.


The organizer will make the final decision regarding the placement of vehicles.


Each vehicle exhibitor will receive wristbands (2 per vehicle) for the duration of the event, serving as access passes. Wristbands can be collected at the exhibitor information desk upon arrival. Additional wristbands are available for purchase at the exhibitor services desk on Saturday for €50 and on Sunday for €18. The wristband grants access to the exhibition for both days and the event's After Party. Exhibitors are not authorized to sell event invitations or access passes to others.


Exhibitors can order customer invitation tickets for one-time entry for their customers. The ticket, with the inviter's name and completed by the customer, grants one entry during the weekend. Customer invitation tickets can be ordered for €20 until September 11th. The applicable value-added tax will be added to the price during billing. Customer invitation tickets cannot be sold to others. The minimum order is 10 tickets. Customer invitation tickets will be invoiced based on the number of ordered tickets. After payment, the tickets will be mailed to the customer. A delivery fee of €15 will be added to the final invoice amount.


The organizer is responsible for the general order on the exhibition grounds but not for any damage or loss of exhibitors' belongings or structures. The exhibitor is always responsible for receiving and confirming items or materials related to the exhibition.


We recommend that you decorate your vehicle in line with its theme. Easily flammable fabrics or decorations should be fire-resistant. Fire-resistant spray can be obtained from well-stocked hardware stores.


If a tent or equivalent structure is used at the booth, it must be equipped with a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher. We recommend a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher for indoor use, suitable for extinguishing liquid and electrical fires without causing environmental contamination.


Ensure that sufficient absorbent material is placed under your vehicle if it is leaking fluids such as fuel, oil, or other liquids. If you use silicone, for example, for tire polishing, make sure that the silicone does not spread on the floor. Special cleaning of liquids and silicone-related issues on the floor will be charged to the vehicle exhibitor. The cost will depend on the cleaned area, billed by the organizer afterwards. Please ensure that the cleaning company does not incur unnecessary charges.


The organizer has a liability insurance that covers personal or material damage caused to others in accordance with the insurance terms, for which the policyholder is liable for compensation. The organizer's liability insurance does not cover damage caused by the exhibitor's or its subcontractor's equipment, installation, or structures. Therefore, exhibitors and technology suppliers to the booth must have appropriate liability and other necessary insurance for the duration of the event.


Attaching anything to the event venue's buildings, as well as the roof, pillar, or wall structures of the halls, is strictly prohibited. The exhibitor or technical supplier is fully responsible for any damage caused to the exhibition center's buildings or to event attendees. Deviations from these terms without the organizer's consent may result in the closure of the booth or lead to significant additional costs. Any disputes shall be resolved in a one-man arbitration court agreed upon by the parties. If not agreed, the legal venue is Vantaa.


The organizer reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the event to another time or location if it cannot be held due to unforeseeable circumstances within the stated time frame. If the event cannot be held due to a directive from authorities or other events beyond the organizer's control, the compensation obligation does not apply.